Bad Breath & Sales-Marketing Jobs

Bad Breath & Sales-Marketing Jobs

Many in the fields of Sales and marketing such as auto, real estate and mortgage, department store and retails clerks among other sales positions, are continuously speaking and communicating verbally with clients throughout the day.  I myself as a dentist in close proximity with patients and continuously consulting clients know the nuisance of dry mouth leading to a tired and heavy breath.  As the day goes on the bad breath gets heavier and our self-consciousness about the quality of our bad breath rises.  Instead of focusing on our jobs we start to pucker our lips, increase our distance from others or keep popping mints to keep the bad breath from getting to our clients.

With proper understanding of how bad breath works, these situations can be controlled much easier.  

First, one must control the level of bacteria that causes bad breath.  Once the bacteria are brought under control, the heavy and tired feeling of our mouth will subside significantly.  Combining such professional and at home treatments with proper hydration and nutritional snacking throughout the day will assist the talking sales person to have a lighter feeling mouth and a cleaner feeling breath.

Brushing and oral hygiene after every meal during work hours will significantly increase the effectiveness of a longer lasting fresh and clean breath as well.

Properly addressing bad breath could easily be implemented in our daily routines as a normal grooming and hygiene regimen such as hand washing.