1 What is Halitosis?
Halitosis, is the medical term that refers to bad breath. It is the condition of having stale or foul-smelling breath.
2Is there a cure for bad breath?
No. Bad breath is caused by the repopulating bacteria in your mouth, especially in your tongue. These bacteria are a normal part of your oral flora.
3How does Bad Breath Institute™ address Halitosis?
Bad Breath Institute™ offers treatments for bad breath through its unique services and in the near future with its exclusive products. These treatments bring the level of your bad breath under control by reducing and removing unwanted odors emanating from your mouth. Maintenance of results achieved is also important.
4If there is no cure for bad breath, then why do others claim they can eliminate bad breath for ever?
That is, unfortunately, not true. Bad breath is caused by bacterial byproducts. These sulfur producing bacteria cause bad breath by breaking down the protein in the mouth. They are necessary to the oral environment and can not be eliminated. These anaerobic bacteria thrive in the deep areas of the tongue and continuously divide and repopulate, especially in areas of low to no oxygen. The way to address bad breath is to control the levels of sulfide molecules and gases that the bacteria produce, which presents itself as bad breath.
5How does the Bad Breath Institute™ treatment system work?
Bad Breath Institute™ system attacks all bacteria to bring halitosis under control. This is accomplished by eliminating all sources of bacterial in the mouth; it includes procedures such as priodontitis (bacterial and infection in the gums), dental caries (Cavities in teeth caused by bacterial action), and by direct procedures on the imbedded, anaerobic bacteria inside the tongue. The treatment system is a unique procedure known as Airigation™ treatment, which is developed by Bad Breath Institute’s™ founder, Dr. Vahé Ohanessian.
6Why do I need to maintain and continue visiting the clinic even after initial treatments?
Treating bad breath is a process. It is no different than regular dental hygiene and visits. That is why it works best when combined with your regular dental treatments. Treating bad breath is similar to dieting, working out, getting in shape and staying healthy. However, it also requires professional supervision and assistance. Just as one needs a coach when working out and dieting, the same is true when treating halitosis. Trained doctors and staff at Bad Breath Institute™ consult with you through the initial success phase, diagnose a routine repeated maintenance program, and educate you with information to implement bad breath treatments on your own and without any significant modification to your daily routine or life style.
7Why don’t other Dentists and Doctors focus on bad breath?
Halitosis is a field of expertise and there aren’t many providers that have sufficient experience or knowledge to treat the problem. It also requires detailed understanding of other sciences that most providers do not follow. For many patients and the general public as well, having bad breath is an embarrassing issue to address, and consequently, very few people do. Because of the phobic nature of this social problem and the fact that many don’t discuss this subject, most health care professionals also do not realize this condition’s crippling affects, especially in workplace environments, intimate relationships, and social settings.
8Why don’t the large corporation and pharmaceutical companies address treatments and solutions for bad breath?
It is not in their best interest to educate the public: Since halitosis or bad breath is not a life-threatening disease and it is not curable; these companies make larger profits by continuously selling products and consumables. Although bad breath is not a medical condition that could kill you; bad breath kills self-confidence. With over $10 billion spent annually on breath fresheners, corporate interest is in selling products not treatments. The public is conditioned to believe, incorrectly that the only way to deal with halitosis is to use gum, mints, or to brush and gargle as much as possible. Think about it? If these products were helpful in removing bad breath, instead of covering it up, one gum or one mint would’ve sufficed for hours.
9Do Bad Breath Institute’s™ procedures hurt?
No. Our unique Airigation™ treatment is non-invasive. Possibly the easiest procedure you’ve had done in a dental office. Unlike other dental procedures; our patients come in happy and leave happier after getting treated.
10Is it true that bad breath is hereditary?
No, this is false. Bad breath is the result of natural bacterial byproducts living in your oral flora, especially in your tongue. Certain genetic predispositions, such as the shape of the tongue, can be a contributing factor to the severity of bad breath, but there is no gene that can be passed on that causes bad breath.
11Is Bad Breath contagious or can someone get it by kissing?
No, this is false. Bad breath is due to bacterial byproducts in one’s mouth and everyone has it. It is not “passed” from one person to another.
12Can continuous tongue scraping help my bad breath?
Although brushing or scraping the tongue is an important part of fighting bad breath, scraping alone will not be very helpful and could actually cause more damage to the surface of the tongue. Bacteria live deep inside the folds and hair like papillae of the tongue. Proper solutions and products are needed to reach these depths to neutralize the bacterial byproducts.
13Why can other people smell my bad breath but I can’t?
While our body is biologically conditioned to adapt and not smell odors on ourselves, it is conditioned to notice other’s smells and odors very quickly. This is called acclimation and most mammals possess it.
14How do I know I have bad breath?
There are several ways to be aware. First, ask others to be honest with you if they have noticed it before, or try to be aware yourself if you notice other’s behavior towards you change when you speak in a close proximity to them. Another method is to floss with regular, non-mint floss; if you can smell the floss with a bad odor then you should be aware that you have bad breath. Other means of testing yourself for bad breath are by licking the back of your hand, or chewing on a straw, letting it air dry for 5 seconds, and then smelling it; again, if there is a bad odor or smell, then you likely have bad breath.
15What services do you offer for patients that do not live in close proximity to the Bad Breath Institute™ clinic?
You may contact our office to provide you with air, hotel, auto rental, and other service information. For patients travelling from long distances, we schedule them for back to back accelerated treatments. We intend to offer more geographic and licensed locations in the near future.
  • J.S.
    Dear Dr. Ohanessian, Thank you so much for the refreshing bad breath treatment. It really leaves a wow factor in your mouth. I loved it. My experience after the treatment: I have been trying to taste my taste buds all afternoon. It feels very empty as it doesn’t have the old bad taste.  An hour later, I drank a few cups of water and it felt very good and the water felt like rolling right off my tongue. I had dinner later. I ate pasta and remembered your advise on garlic, I asked for easy garlic in the sauce.  Once they brought the dish it had the little chunks of garlic chopped.  After dinner, I came home and brushed my teeth as well as tongue.  Normally if I would have not had your treatment, I would still taste the garlic in my mouth.  Result: I have to say, no garlic taste. I gave my youngest son a kiss on his cheek and he did not complain. I love your treatment very! very! much. Since you removed the bad breath bacteria with your treatment, the first results are incredible. In the morning I woke up without a white film on my tongue. My family gave me their morning hugs without holding their noses. My older son complimented me that I had a nice breath unlike other days when a morning in bed hug would be followed by complaints about my morning breath.
  • A.C.
    Dr. Ohanessian I never knew I had so many taste buds.  My sense of taste and smell is eleveated to such degree I never knew was possible.  Great Job and thanks.
  • J.M.
    I'd heard of your treatment that could cure bad breath and so I took the morning appointment.  I arrived with half my latte finished.  I took my seat an instantly was conscious about the coffee breath.  Dr. Ohanessian described the procedure in detail so I knew what to expect during the treatment; it took very little time in the dental chair before the treatment was complete.  As I sat up I experienced an unfamiliar "non taste" as the best way to describe it.  I had to refrain from food or drink for a half hour...not a big deal since I had already had my morning coffee. I went about the day having Mexican food with the extra onions and later having pasta with the extra garlic and none of those taste lingered. Actually, the next morning was the most incredible part.  No bad morning breath.  The treatment absolutely works! I didn't have to worry about gums to cover up coffee either.  I'm definitely going back for another treatment. Josephine M.
  • C.K.
    Dr. Ohanessian I don't really have chronic bad breath.  But I wanted to try the treatment for my everyday normal bad breath.  The most phenomenon treatment anyone can ever imagine. The experience is unique, short and effective. I recommend everyone to give it a first try. I did it. And I loved it.
  • I.R.
    The collective approach of your treatments is phenomenal.  From the focused dentistry that I received, to not waiting long in the waiting room, to the Airigation bad breath treatments.  I never knew dentistry can just be another event in a day's work.  No more fear.
  • C.Z.
    Dr. Ohanessian The quality of time spent to explain details about any and every condition in your clinic is unmatched.  My previous experience has been to go in and be sent out like a production line.  Everyone that I speak to who has been to your establishment has commented about the fact that you and your staff spend so much time going over patient's file and conditions with the patient.  It is very welcoming to realize that you spent almost 1 hour with me during the first appointment to discuss all matters with me and to take the necessary xrays which helps understand dentistry better.
  • R.N.
    Dr. Ohanessian Thanks, your treatments and influence have made me stop smoking finally, started living a healthier life since now I can play sports better as my stamina and breathing has improved and it has significantly improved my dating and relationship success... all because I wanted to improve the breathe I exhale.
  • T.Z.
    Thanks for the quick turn around.  Your approach to full service dentistry with full patient attention is great.
  • M.Z.
    I just wanted to tell you that my smile is completely transformed and I am extremely confident now about showing my teeth!  Thank you for the smile make over.
  • S.B.
    Dr. O After just my first treatment, I didn't brush my teeth for the whole day and at night I ate "Gumbo".  There was no odor after dinner, I didn't brush at night and in the morning when I woke up there was very slight morning breath.  The treatment prevented the usual garlic and spice smells after eating and on top of that I had very little morning bad breath, without any brushing. Sam B.
  • P.D.
    OMG doc the treatment is amazing... I just had coffee and Chili, and still no bad breath...
  • R.W.
    I am a regular visitor (from the West-side) to the Glendale Clinic (every 2 weeks) for the past 2 years as your Airigation Treatment is the only thing out there that works in controlling bad breath and the build-up on tongue.  Afterwards the mouth feels very clean and gets freshened fast.  I wish there were more clinics near me and that your products for home use would be out ASAP.
  • D.M.
    I traveled from N. California to get treatments.  Dr. Ohanessian took his time to explain that what many people including myself experience is normal.  I like the treatment and I wish you can get to certifying other dentists in my area to be able to provide this service. I also think home products would be very beneficial in maintaining the confidence after the treatment.
  • V.B.
    I made specific arrangements to travel almost 400 miles each way to go to Los Angeles (and stay in a hotel) to receive the Airigation treatments.  I thought there was something wrong with me.  Dr. Ohanessian took the time during examination appointment to evaluate my condition and told me that I had nothing more than normal everyday bad breath.  I was hesitant but after a few back-to-back treatments I walked away self confident as for the first time ever I found something that actually worked and I realized that there was noting wrong with me but there is something wrong with the way we've all been dealing with bad breath.  As the Doctor continuously repeats, bad breath must be removed first before trying to get fresh breath.
  • A.P.
    Cant say I ever knew "Bad Breath treatment" existed other than the usual remedies we all typically use. Bad Breath Institute addressed bad breath like a disease and the results are simply amazing. I really liked the application of science behind the procedure, which was completely painless. Its been a week since treatment, and my morning breath is MUCH better. When I brush my teeth in the morning, the freshness from the toothpaste lasts much longer. The difference is night and day.  I have set a monthly schedule for continued treatment. I was told the rate of which one should get re-treatment depends on the severity of the bad breath (case by base basis based on bacteria on your tongue I believe) which I find pretty interesting. I always felt a little insecure about my breath when going out on dates or conducting interviews for work, especially if I forgot my pack of gum. With this treatment its not a concern anymore, gum or not my breath is never something to worry about. I highly recommend.
  • I.T.
    Treatment is great and really helps a lot. The doctor and his staff are also very nice and try to help out in any way they can.
  • B.W.
    I drink a few cups of espresso per day and it gave me an uncomfortable after taste and bad breath.  After receiving the treatment for a few days that bad breath was gone.  I also could taste food better immediately after treatment.
  • D.R.
    I came in a few months ago and was very happy with the treatment.  Doctor took his time and actually discussed the possibility of me having to check my sinuses for infection.  I went to ENT and sure enough I had sinus infection and was given antibiotics.  I came back for more treatments now.  The treatments are fast and very effective in removing bad breath and helping get fresh breath.
  • B.D.
    Every time I come to Los Angeles I stop by to get a treatment.  The clean feeling the Airigation treatment provides is very addicting, I can't wait until more locations become available.
  • M.L.
    As soon as I got my first treatment I could feel the clean feeling.  I rushed to come in for another appointment earlier than scheduled which was OK wit the doctor.
  • B.S.
    Dear Dr. Ohanessian, Thank you for the treatments and reassurances and accommodating concentrated appointments for me as I flew to Los Angeles from half way across the world.  Please keep me posted on the products and as soon as they come out.
  • L.S.
    Dear Dr. Ohanessian.  Absolutely Amazing.  Even after one treatment I can clearly see the difference in the quality of my breath.  It is also good to know that you told me my concerns were normal and nothing out of the ordinary, just the right treatment was never done.  I will do all possible to help get the word around about you and your effective treatments.
  • C.E.
    I got my first treatment and because I was travelling I didn't come back for 3 months, however I told the Doctor that even one treatment had lessened my bad breath for a few weeks and based upon the doctor's diagnosis of my normal bad breath level, I am just like most people concerned with simply bad breath.  It is a great experience to have less normal bad breath.
  • L.C.
    Tried the treatment once, liked it as it was the only thing that has been effective, returned for  package of 4 treatments.
  • C.P.
    The treatments are very helpful and I realized my situation was just normal.  The peace of mind is great and it is very addicting to have such strong breath quality.
  • M.N.
    As a result of wonderful treatments and the great service and skills of the Doctors I even changed my regular dentistry to Dr. Ohanessian and the Institute.
  • S.K.
    Very happy with treatments they really work.  Can't wait until home products come out for maintenance.
  • F.R.
    Very happy with the treatments, I found you on Google and the treatments are fast and effective. I drive from Northern California to come and get treatments. Since I got your treatments I have had no tonsil stones wither.
  • D.K.
    Love the treatments can't wait for home products. Definitely makes a huge difference and effective.
  • E.E.
    I've been concerned about my bad breath and dating. The Doctor took his time to explain many things and comforted me that I only have normal bad breath and all it needs is treatments and some dental work. I'm very happy with the treatments and the needed dental work. Thanks
  • A.S.
    It's been a while I've been looking for a solution to my concerns with breath quality as I am face-to-face with people in my profession. For the first time I can truly say I have found something that works. I look forward to your consumer products. Best,
  • M.T.
    Please get the home maintenance products out. Treatments are great but would like home maintenance ability. Thanks
  • K.L.
    I really like the treatments. I get them done on a regular basis. Great confidence builder.
  • T.H.
    I have always been self-conscious that other people were offering me gum and mint because I had bad breath and I also was concerned that people would cover their nose because of my bad breath. Dr. Ohanessian consulted me that based on my specifics I did not have an abnormal condition and that what I felt about other people's reaction was not necessarily tied up to my breath quality. This was comforting and the treatments have been very reassuring and satisfactory.
  • E.J.
    I like the treatments they work as described and the Doctor really took his time in explaining everything including my dental conditions. I had some older fillings that needed to be placed and was very happy to get them done with the doctor. He took his time during the procedures and even showed me the cavities. Thanks E.J.
  • L.A.
    Like the treatments, returned for more and definitely makes a difference.
  • J.S.
    Feeling the treatment results by the third appointment, very freshening. Thanks
  • E.D.
    I drove from a long distance and the treatments were as promised and very effective. I look forward to the availability of products.
  • A.C.
    Did all the treatments one week apart, I see a big difference in the quality of my breath and confidence with it.
  • A.C.
    Very happy with the treatments. Bought a package and use them as needed.
  • M.M.
    I can't wait until home maintenance products come out; such a confidence builder.
  • H.P.
    My wife suggested I do something about my breath which was bothering her. I found out about Bad Breath Institute and Dr. Ohanessian and ever since I have been going in for treatments once a week as I truly enjoy the new fresh breath I have and my wife has not complained once since I discovered the treatments.
  • Z.W.
    My mother and sister are very straight forward with me and I have a positive attitude and when they told me that I need to get my breath checked I looked online and found your clinic. The treatments have worked well and I feel my breath is much fresher and less offensive.
  • L.H.
    I flew from Ohio for treatments and stayed for a week in Los Angeles. Got the 4 treatments and the gum treatments recommended by the doctor. Very happy with the treatments and actually became very friendly with the doctor and his staff. I can't wait until they have clinics near where I live.