Q: What is Halitosis?

A: Halitosis, the medical term that refers to bad breath, is the condition of having stale or foul-smelling breath.

Q: Is there a cure for bad breath?

A: No. Bad breath is caused by the repopulating bacteria in our mouth, tongue, and cheeks. The bacteria are a normal part of our oral flora and are necessary agents in the initiation of breaking down what we eat.

Q: How does Bad Breath Institute™ address Halitosis?

A: Bad Breath Institute™ offers treatments for bad breath through its proprietary, patent-pending services & exclusive products. The combined treatments bring the levels of bad breath under control by reducing and removing unwanted odors emanating from the mouth. This level of control minimizes bad breath and brings it under control; however, to achieve best results a maintenance regimen is required both at home and in clinic to consistently keep bad breath under control.

Q: If there is no cure for bad breath, then why do others claim they can eliminate bad breath for ever?

A: That is, unfortunately, not true. Bad breath is caused by bacterial byproducts. These sulfur producing bacteria cause bad breath by breaking down the protein in the mouth. They are necessary to the oral environment and can not be eliminated. These anaerobic bacteria thrive in the deep areas of the tongue and cheeks, and continuously divide and repopulate, especially in areas of low to no oxygen. The way to address bad breath is to control the levels of sulfide molecules and gases the bacteria produce, which is also the foul smell of these byproducts, known as halitosis.

Q: How does the Bad Breath Institute™ treatment system work?

A: Bad Breath Institute™ system attacks all bacteria to bring halitosis under control. This is accomplished by eliminating all sources of bacteria in the mouth; it includes procedures to treat conditions such as priodontitis (bacterial in the gums), dental caries (cavities in teeth caused by bacterial action), and by direct procedures on the imbedded, anaerobic bacteria on the tongue, cheeks, and other areas where bacteria hide and thrive. The treatment system is a proprietary, patent-pending procedure known as Airigation®, which was developed by Bad Breath Institute’s™ founder, Dr. Vahé Ohanessian. Additionally, staff Nutritionists consult with our patients regarding their diet requirements since bad breath is also related to what you do and don’t eat and consume.

Q: Why do I need to maintain and continue visiting the Institute even after initial treatments?

A: Treating bad breath is a process. It is no different than regular dental hygiene and visits. That is why it works best when combined with your regular dental treatments. Treating bad breath is similar to dieting, working out, getting in shape and staying healthy. However, it also requires professional supervision and assistance. Just as one needs a coach when working out and dieting, the same is true when treating halitosis. Trained doctors and staff at Bad Breath Institute™ consult with you through the initial success phase, diagnose a routine repeated maintenance program, and educate you with information to implement bad breath treatments on your own and without any significant modification to your daily routine or life style.

Q: Why don’t other Dentists and Doctors focus on bad breath?

A: Halitosis is a specialized field and there aren’t many providers that have sufficient experience or knowledge to treat the problem. It also requires detailed understanding of other sciences that most providers do not follow. For many patients and the general public as well, having bad breath is an embarrassing issue to address, and consequently, very few people do. Because of the phobic nature of this social problem and the fact that many people don’t discuss the matter, most health care professionals also do not realize this condition’s crippling affects, especially in workplace environments, intimate relationships, and social settings.

Q: Why don’t the large corporation and pharmaceutical companies address treatments and solutions for bad breath?

A: It is not in their best interest to educate the public: Since halitosis or bad breath is not a life threatening disease and it is not curable, then these companies make larger profits by continuously selling products and consumables. Over $10 billion are spent annually in the U.S. alone on gums, mints, toothpastes, and mouthwashes, none of these agents is a cure or a treatment for bad breath. They only mask and cover bad breath. The corporate interest is focused on continuous advertising and sales of these products. The public is conditioned to believe, incorrectly, the only way to deal with halitosis is to use gum, mints, or to brush and gargle as much as possible. In reality, many of these products, such as mouthwashes, contain alcohol which is very dehydrating and can actually increase bad breath. Think about it? If these products were helpful in removing bad breath, instead of covering it up, then your chewing gum would not need to be replaced as soon as the taste was gone?

Q: Do Bad Breath Institute procedures hurt?

A: No. They are simple, non-invasive, effective and are performed quickly.

Q: Is it true that bad breath is hereditary?

A: No, this is false. Bad breath is the result of natural bacterial byproducts living in the oral flora. Certain genetic predispositions, such as the shape of the tongue, can be a contributing factor to the severity of bad breath, but there is no gene that can be passed on that causes bad breath.

Q: Is Bad Breath contagious or can someone get it by kissing?

A: No, this is false. Bad breath is the result of natural bacterial byproducts living in the oral flora. Certain genetic predispositions, such as the shape of the tongue, can be a contributing factor to the severity of bad breath, but there is no gene that can be passed on that causes bad breath.

Q: Can continuous tongue scraping help my bad breath?

A: Although brushing or scraping the tongue is an important part of fighting bad breath, scraping alone will not be very helpful and could actually cause more damage to the surface of the tongue. Bacteria live deep inside the folds and hair like papillae of the tongue. Proper solutions and products are needed to reach these depths to neutralize the bacterial byproducts. However after focused treatments in our clinic through our patent pending Airigation® method, it is beneficial to continue cleaning and lightly scraping the tongue on a daily basis with our recommended products for home care.

Q: Why can other people smell my bad breath when I can’t?

A: No, this is false. Bad breath is the result of natural bacterial byproducts living in the oral flora. Certain genetic predispositions, such as the shape of the tongue, can be a contributing factor to the severity of bad breath, but there is no gene that can be passed on that causes bad breath.

Q: How do I know I have bad breath?

A: There are several ways to be aware. First, ask others to be honest with you if they have noticed it before, or try to be aware yourself if you notice other’s behavior towards you change when you speak in a close manner. Another method is to floss with regular, non-mint floss; if you can smell the floss with a bad odor then you should be aware that you have bad breath. Other means of testing yourself for bad breath are by licking the back of your hand, or chewing on a straw, letting it air dry for 5 seconds, and then smelling it; again, if there is a bad odor or smell, then you likely have bad breath.

Q: What services do you offer for patients that do not live in close proximity to the Bad Breath Institute™ clinic?

A: You may contact our concierge receptionists to provide you with air, hotel, auto rental, and other service information. From time to time, we may obtain special pricing or upgrade arrangements with hotels and restaurants to make our patient’s visit more pleasant and cost effective. We take pride in referring entities that meet our highest standards. Additionally, we provide accelerated, or concentrated, back-to-back treatments for non-local patients to assist with their time and travel.

Q: What type of insurance do you accept?

A: Due to the proprietary nature of some of our procedures we generally do not accept or bill dental insurance directly. As a courtesy to you, we will collect your insurance information to assist and provide you with a universal insurance claim form, proper codes, and accompanying receipts. You must submit your claim directly to your insurance carrier; however, we cannot guarantee reimbursement by your carrier for any or all our performed services. For patients with dental insurance, a portion of certain dental related procedures such as Initial Exam, X-rays and other dental procedures could be covered and reimbursed by their insurance carrier (depending on carrier and policy terms). This could significantly minimize patient's out of pocket costs, especially for the initial appointment.

Q: What are the procedures that you perform?

A: You can visit our website at www.XBadBreath.com for detailed and comprehensive information on our patent-pending services. The treatments you require are specific to the information you provide to us, therefore, to answer this question properly the Doctor or our staff must evaluate the specific conditions affecting you.

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Treat your breath to freshness®

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