Many dentists recommend eating food in one sitting, followed by brushing and flossing, with no snacking in between meals.  However, cutting out snacks could be counter productive when dealing with bad breath since healthy snacks in between meals is actually good for a healthy metabolism and for minimizing bad breath.  This is why, at Bad Breath Institute™, we encourage proper nutrition and counseling as an integral part of controlling embarrassing bad breath.  Scheduled visits to the dentist for deep cleaning and debridement are also an effective means of significantly removing these bacteria from the oral environment.

Many things we eat, or don’t eat, severely impact the quality of our breath.  The most famous of foods that cause bad breath is onion and garlic; however, the manner in which food and nutrition affect the body and breath odor is more complicated than simply avoiding garlic and onion.

For example, many people who are on strict protein diets, such as the Atkins Diet, do not realize that protein breakdown causes ketosis, which in turn, makes the body and mouth have a foul odor.  Likewise, many people do not know that improper hydration or incorrect frequency of food consumption cause bad breath.

At Bad Breath Institute™, we coach and assist you in understanding the various causes of bad breath, prevention methods, and we guide you in managing your diet and eating habits to achieve fresh breath.  Our Doctors and Nutritionists consult and coach the patient in understanding what to eat, what to avoid, when to eat, how often, and in what forms and combinations.  In order to achieve a thorough analysis, we ask our patients to complete a specifically designed and detailed questionnaire before their first appointment to learn and understand their behavior patterns and nutrition routines.

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Treat your breath to freshness®

Treat your breath to freshness®

Patent Pending and Proprietary Procedures

At Bad Breath Institute™ we have implemented our unique, non-invasive, patent pending technique known as Airigation® that attacks the bad breath causing bacteria.


Treat Your Bad Breath... Don't Cover It Up®

Achieving fresh breath is a two step process. First one treats and controls bad breath, then one attempts to get fresh breath. One cannot get fresh breath without treating the underlying bad breath. To achieve effective, strong and long lasting fresh breath, one needs to first treat bad breath.