Initial Appointment

Bad Breath Institute’s™ approach to halitosis, or bad breath, is specialized and made on a one-to-one basis.  Based on this specific and detailed understanding of your habits, routines, and medical and dental conditions, we implement a personalized regimen and treatment plan for you. 

Appointment #1
Your initial appointment will take about one hour;

  • Please arrive half hour prior to your appointment to complete all necessary paperwork and questionnaires;
  • Initial appointment includes the following necessary diagnostic procedures:
    • New Patient Initial Oral Exam*
    • Full Mouth X-rays*
    • Patient interview and exit consultation to gather more information


An Airiagtion treatment can be provided during your initial appointment if no major dental or oral anomalies or emergencies are present.


*For patients with dental insurance, a portion of certain dental related procedures such as Initial Exam, X-rays and other dental procedures could be covered and reimbursed by their insurance carrier (depending on carrier and policy terms).  This could minimize patient's out of pocket costs, especially for the initial appointment.


Friends don't let friends have bad breath®

Please click “Send A Hint” button and we will ensure to gently notify your loved one or associate of the need for them to have their bad breath treated.

Treat Your Bad Breath... Don't Cover It Up®

Treat your bad breath... Don't cover it up®

Patent Pending and Proprietary Procedures

At Bad Breath Institute™ we have implemented our unique, non-invasive, patent pending technique known as Airigation® that attacks the bad breath causing bacteria.


Treat Your Bad Breath... Don't Cover It Up®

Achieving fresh breath is a two step process. First one treats and controls bad breath, then one attempts to get fresh breath. One cannot get fresh breath without treating the underlying bad breath. To achieve effective, strong and long lasting fresh breath, one needs to first treat bad breath.