Causes of Bad Breath

Smoking & Tobacco: An absolute contributor to bad breath.

What you consume:  Certain foods such as garlic and onion cause bad breath.  Alcohol is also a contributor to bad breath.

What you don’t consume:  People who are following certain diet regimens such as the Atkins or other protein rich diets with minimal or no carbohydrates can experience bad breath.

Systemic Disease & Infections:  Certain chronic medical conditions such as diabetes, sinusitis, bronchitis, respiratory tract infections, liver or kidney disease, and other conditions can cause bad breath.


The Nose:  Is the second most common cause of bad breath.


The Mouth:  Is the most common cause of bad breath.

Dry Mouth:  Also known as Xerostomia; can cause bad breath.  Due to reduced saliva flow, the ability to wash away food particles increases bacterial build up in the mouth, which is a primary contributor to bad breath.

Dental Caries and Infections:  Since dental caries and infections are caused by bacteria, the presence of bacteria or gum disease can cause bad breath.

Bacteria on the tongue:  This is the primary reason for chronic bad breath, especially in the absence of any of the aforementioned conditions.

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To have fresh breath, you must first treat bad breath®

To have fresh breath, you must first treat bad breath®

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