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Bad Breath Institute™ is a full service dental clinic providing dental and related services with a primary focus on reducing and eliminating embarrassing Bad Breath.

At Bad Breath Institute™ we address bad breath with routine repeated treatments on the anaerobic bacteria present in the oral cavity and on the tongue.  Anaerobic bacteria are the type of organisms that survive and thrive in the absence of oxygen.  Our treatment method, known as the Airigation® technique is proprietary and patent-pending.  This unique system, developed by our founder, Dr Vahé Ohanessian, D.D.S., is quite simple, non-invasive, and minimally time consuming.  The approach to halitosis, or bad breath, is done systemically and on an individual basis to understand each patient and diagnose their history and habits. 

In doing so, we do not put the patient through unnecessary and expensive chemical tests or experiments.  We also do not put our patients through rigorous or excessive tests that claim to have magic pills and solutions that cure bad breath, since there is no cure for halitosis or bad breath.  However, bad breath can effectively be treated and controlled.  We pride ourselves in offering detailed, individualized treatment plans and modalities that address all anomalies and contributors to the presence and reduction of bacteria in the mouth.

Since bad breath is caused by bacteria and bacteria repopulate, it is important to disrupt bacterial activity by maintenance and routine repeated treatments.  This balanced approach will minimize the bad breath bacterial levels and their byproducts by maintaining a healthy environment for a longer lasting, fresh-clean breath.

When bacterial levels are treated and controlled, bad breath will be eliminated or minimized effectively.  This realistic approach is what has made The Airigation® method a revolutionary, yet simple and non-invasive approach to this socio-biologic problem, bad breath.

Our treatments work best hand-in-hand with other dental procedures, in eliminating bacteria.  Although the Airigation® treatment (quite affordable) is not covered by dental insurance, most other adjunctive procedures, including your first consultation and X-rays could be covered and reimbursed by your dental insurer.  We assist patients with the necessary paper work for submission and possible reimbursement of all or part of to the claim payments to their insurance carrier. 

Dental insurers generally cover 80 or sometimes 100% of expenses associated with patient's initial visit of Oral Exam and X-rays, hence making it a very attractive proposition to start experiencing our revolutionary approach.

Achieving fresh breath is a two step process of treating and controlling bad breath.  One cannot get fresh breath without treating the underlying bad breath.  To achieve effective, strong and long lasting fresh breath, one needs to first treat bad breath.

Friends don't let friends have bad breath®

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Treat your breath to freshness®

Treat your breath to freshness®

Patent Pending and Proprietary Procedures

At Bad Breath Institute™ we have implemented our unique, non-invasive, patent pending technique known as Airigation® that attacks the bad breath causing bacteria.


Treat Your Bad Breath... Don't Cover It Up®

Achieving fresh breath is a two step process. First one treats and controls bad breath, then one attempts to get fresh breath. One cannot get fresh breath without treating the underlying bad breath. To achieve effective, strong and long lasting fresh breath, one needs to first treat bad breath.