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Bad Breath is like Body Odor

Posted by Vahé Ohanessian D.D.S.
Vahé Ohanessian D.D.S.
Founder, President & CEO, Bad Breath Institute, Inc.
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on Sunday, 04 October 2015
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Many patients who visit our clinic are under the misimpression that there is something terribly wrong with them.  Many times the problem is not the person concerned with halitosis but the way the industry has been dealing with removing and reducing bad breath.


Bad breath just like body odor is caused by bacteria.  This is why there can never be a cure for bad breath.  The day that we can cure body odor where we do not need to take shower anymore, would be the day we can cure bad breath.  Just like the body, the mouth which is the source of 90% of bad breath needs to be washed as well.  However unlike the body, the industry dealing with bad breath and fresh breath has been guiding us to address bad breath via breath freshening agents (gums, mints, mouthwash, toothpaste etc.).  This approach is incorrect.  Breath fresheners are perfume like products and they mask bad breath.  The day we can only spray perfume on our bodies and not need to take shower anymore would be the day that breath fresheners would work as a bad breath removing agent.


To achieve fresh breath, we need to first remove bad breath.  To achieve a pleasant smelling body, we need to first wash our body and remove body odor.  This is the missing piece in the world of dealing with bad breath for which Bad Breath Institute® has a proprietary solution for.  The processes of removing body odor and bad breath are very similar; they cannot be product based.  They have to be procedure (treatment) based. Washing one’s body to remove odor causing bacteria is a procedure.  A similar approach should be implemented to removing bad breath; it must be procedure based not just product based.  Hence the need to first remove bad breath via our proprietary Airigation® treatment.


For those asking the question “But I brush my teeth twice daily?” Brushing is for oral- hygiene and having healthier teeth.  It is as a side-effect of the breath freshening agent in the toothpaste that we tend to think tooth brushing is for removing bad breath and achieving fresh breath.  If you brush without toothpaste, you will realize there is no freshening effect.


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