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Bad Breath and Dating

Posted by Vahé Ohanessian D.D.S.
Vahé Ohanessian D.D.S.
Founder, President & CEO, Bad Breath Institute, Inc.
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on Sunday, 10 June 2012
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With the recent increase in online dating, many who meet for the first time attempt to have their best presentation during this initial encounter.  The checklist for this exciting rendezvous includes wallet, keys, perfume, make up as well as gums, mints and other breath fresheners.


A 5,000 member survey by showed, when dating, more people are concerned about having fresh breath than stylish clothes, sexy fragrance and great hair…combined!


The nuisance in trying to have fresh breath is to continuously try to refresh ones breath with temporary breath fresheners before, during and after a date.  The reason for this is that the common approach to having fresh and clean breath is to continuously cover up bad breath.  This is why breath fresheners will have to be consumed continuously.  This continuous consumption is not only annoying but also can get very expensive.


An example of this activity which I discuss with my patients is regarding bathing and body hygiene.  When we feel dirty, we take off our old clothes, take a shower, put new clothes on and then use perfumes to enhance our smell.  We do not continuously put perfume on many days old clothing without bathing!


Yet this is exactly what we have been conditioned to do when it comes to our mouth and bad breath.  We are continuously covering up bad breath without first treating it.  Our mouth needs a bath too!  This is why it is important to first treat bad breath in order to achieve longer lasting fresh breath.


Treating bad breath should be a part of our daily regimen.  Just as brushing teeth and getting professional teeth cleaning, your bad breath can be treated and controlled.  This is why I recommend to my patients to have a professional treatment done before a special occasion, a wedding, a job interview or an exciting date. 


Your attention will be shifted to enjoying this special event instead of worrying if your breath smells.


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